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Strong Manufacturers Black 5mil Nitrile Gloves - 1,000 Case Count

Strong Manufacturers Black 5mil Nitrile Gloves - 1,000 Case Count

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Introducing our brand new high-quality Black Nitrile Premium Exam 5 Mil Thickness Gloves! These gloves offer exceptional strength, flexibility, and a perfect fit, making them ideal for various industries and heavy-duty daily use.

Durability is paramount, and the Strong Manufacturer's Black Nitrile Gloves are designed to withstand rigorous tasks. With their strong and thick construction, they stretch without tearing easily, ensuring maximum protection. You can rely on them to provide a barrier without leaving any residue or allowing nails to poke through.

With their compliance to ASTM D6319, smooth finish, textured fingertips, and powder-free design, these gloves are an excellent choice for medical professionals, healthcare providers, and anyone seeking reliable and high-quality hand protection in medical applications.

In addition to their versatility in medical applications, these gloves are also well-suited for a wide range of industries and tasks.

Housekeeping professionals can rely on these gloves to handle various cleaning tasks with ease. Their durability and resistance to chemicals and oils make them a reliable choice for maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.

In the food service industry, these gloves provide a strong barrier against contamination. They are suitable for food handling and preparation, ensuring the safety and hygiene of both customers and staff.

Automotive workers will appreciate the protection and flexibility offered by these gloves. They provide a reliable shield against dirt, oils, and chemicals, making them ideal for tasks such as vehicle maintenance and repair.

Janitorial staff will find these gloves to be a valuable asset in their daily tasks. From handling cleaning chemicals to waste disposal, our gloves offer the necessary protection and dexterity to get the job done efficiently.

Veterinary professionals can benefit from the strength and reliability of our gloves. Whether performing examinations, administering medications, or handling animals, these gloves provide a protective barrier while allowing for a sensitive touch.

Comfort is key, and our gloves offer a smooth and comfortable fit. They are fully textured, providing a stronger grip for enhanced control. Whether you're cleaning, working around the house, in the garage, or tending to your garden, these gloves won't make your hands sweat excessively.

The extraordinary tensile strength of up to 18MPa makes our gloves not only waterproof but also oil and chemical resistant. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including hair coloring, work tasks, gardening, dishwashing, cleaning, mechanics, kitchen duties, cooking, exams, food handling, esthetics, food preparation, dental procedures, tattooing, and more. They are a versatile addition to your cleaning or tattoo supplies.

These gloves are incredibly easy to use. They are ambidextrous, allowing for quick and convenient wearing. With their easy opening feature, you can put them on swiftly, even when your hands are wet. Additionally, the product packaging is thoughtfully designed for quick extraction and ensures that the gloves remain clean and organized. Each case contains 1,000 gloves, suitable for all hand types.

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL

  • Black Nitrile Gloves 5 Mil 1,000PCS CASE
  • Powder Free
  • No Latex
  • Finger-Textured
  • 100 Gloves/Box
  • Heavy-duty
  • Chemical & Oil Resistance
  • Multi Purpose
  • Premium Quality

Customer Reviews

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Ava Brady
Amazing Product and great customer service

I'm a tattooer, and this is my favorite brand of gloves to use. I can really feel the skin, they slide right on, and are great gloves for tattooing. I recently ordered however I got sent the wrong amount of gloves I had ordered. They fixed it, refunded, and sent me a new box of gloves overnight shipping! Great company, will for sure keep buying. I'll also recommend it to others!